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THE MATERNAL TREATMENT PROGRAM IS LIFE-CHANGING FOR NEW MOTHERS. F F In just under two years—since Meridian Health Services first introduced its Maternal Treatment Program (MTP)—80 mothers have enrolled in the program to overcome their addiction. Perhaps even more importantly, 21 babies have been born free of drug exposure or neonatal abstinence syndrome. F F Meridian’s MTP serves an average of 8 to 15 moms each day, all at different stages of motherhood. F F Rialzo has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund the MTP, which provides group counseling, one-on-one nurturing, and a private suite at the Suzanne Gresham Center for expectant mothers and their children. “It’s a safe zone for us,” one mother said. “I find the support here I need to get through to the next day, and it’s changed my life, but most importantly, my baby’s life.” F F 2019 marks the final of three years that the Meridian Health Services Board of Directors has allotted $50,000 in Al Rent's name to the Addictions fund for use in the Maternal Treatment Program.